David Kennett

Chief Sales & Marketing Officer


David Kennett has been working within the technology area for the past 20 years, which began when he set up a small business from home to help people resolve their PC, internet and networking issues. More recently, David’s passion for helping businesses through the effective use of software and technology led him into various ERP sales roles, then with NetSuite – selling accounting, ERP and CRM solutions to companies from a wide range of industries.

Having sold into businesses ranging from Airlines, to Pharmaceutical companies, Advertising Agencies, Manufacturers and everything in between, David has an exceptionally broad range of industry understanding which helps him to formulate solutions that are tailored to his clients’ unique business needs.

With an honest, transparent and professional approach to sales, David focuses on building strong and enduring relationships with clients based on mutual trust. David loves meeting businesses and working with them to surface how they can benefit and derive value from adopting transformational software and technology.