NetSuite for Professional Services

A cloud-based ERP built to drive high performance in professional services organisations.

As a NetSuite partner, Elevate2 provides professional service companies with the solution for their management and growth – one unified system to manage end-to-end business processes.


NetSuite – a solution that transforms professional services

Professional services businesses of all sizes face the same challenges when it comes to managing, reporting on and analysing their data. A multi-faceted field comprising a huge variety of services, the requirements of this industry can be very different for each organisation. NetSuite offers a centralising platform for all different types of professional services, ranging from law firms to medical clinics to accountancy firms, and many more.

The cloud-based system offered by NetSuite and implemented by Elevate2 can support your teams no matter what, allowing agility and adaptability at the same time as improving project profitability. Our platform takes professional services beyond traditional models of accounting, communication and client engagement, to centralise and streamline all interactions in one comprehensive space.

Elevate2 is able to provide in-depth training to help you make the most of your NetSuite platform, which is customisable and configurable to allow you to maximise its utility. Our software keeps the focus on your clients, allowing you to prioritise your user base with 100% visibility and real-time reporting of customer interactions at the same time as streamlining and automating back-office processes. Increase project efficiency and resource utilisation by managing your complete project lifecycle in a single system – from sales opportunity, to project scoping, resource management to project delivery, and from time & expenses capture to invoicing – all with NetSuite for Professional Services.

Core NetSuite benefits for professional services

  1. Bespoke role-based dashboards to give your team real-time data to help inform and make data-driven decisions
  1. Unified cloud business system to streamline operations and manage all core processes
  1. Share important documents and intellectual property with ease, regardless of location, helping to improve business collaboration
  1. Bespoke role-based dashboards to give your team real-time data to help inform and make data-driven decisions
  1. Unified cloud business system to streamline operations and manage all core processes
  1. Share important documents and intellectual property with ease, regardless of location, helping to improve business collaboration

Key features NetSuite provides professional services

NetSuite offers enormous benefits for all aspects of streamlining a business – with specific tailored solutions for professional services. Improve project profitability, maximise customer interaction and communication response times, and use real-time business analytics to identify margins for improvement.

Project and Resource Management dashboards help you to keep on top of key performance indicators for your business and ensure your projects are running to time and to budget. Prioritise client communication at the same time as refining your back-office practices for a unified, seamless experience.

Unify Applications

A common sign of outgrowing your business management software is having separate applications to handle invoicing, client communications, forecasting, projects, timesheets, expenses and more. Disparate, siloed information doesn’t provide any insight into your business, and will hold you back from refining or improving your methods.

Unify your CRM, Project Accounting and Invoicing applications with NetSuite, to give you a single source of the truth. Unify your systems allows businesses to improve their operational effectiveness by overseeing all aspects in one place – helping you to be at the top of your game without changing the way you work.

Automation & Adaptability

Automating time-consuming back-office business practices is an essential part of becoming – or maintaining your status as – an industry leader. NetSuite’s Professional Services Automation solution is powerful, easy to implement and maintain; configurable as your service-based business grows, to improve your project efficiency and reporting as your needs evolve.

Project Management & Accounting

Collaboration is key in a services-based business. Communication must be prioritised – between team members, departments and with clients themselves. NetSuite’s Project Management capabilities allow for team collaboration in real-time – with reporting and analysis shareable and accessible no matter where you’re working.

Ensuring engagement and interactions are prompt and productive is simplified with a combined CRM; allowing management to ensure customer satisfaction remains high and to facilitate collaboration on project tasks at hand.

Maintaining project profitability is vital to stay on top. Keeping rates competitive while providing exemplary customer service is facilitated with the Project Accounting feature of NetSuite – connecting company financials with specific task and project activities. Keeping estimates, outgoings and expenses accurate with financial tracking of labour, purchases and expenses means the profitability of your project is always accessible to the people who need it. Reporting capabilities like no other platform means NetSuite is constantly working for you behind the scenes – identifying potential areas for improvement and enabling you to identify potential issues before they become problems.

Billing & Invoicing

In tandem with its Project Accounting capabilities, NetSuite’s Financial Accounting software enables you to quickly and accurately invoice your customers, based on the project work you are delivering. With NetSuite you can produce financial forecasts, billing schedules, one-off invoices, and flexible billing, which can be aligned with project milestones, dates, and many more variables.

NetSuite allows employees to record detailed timesheets and expenses against projects, with rules for approvals and what should be billed on to customers. Automating billing processes minimises errors, maximises accuracy and helps with efficient cashflow. In addition, analytics help to give an overview of the financial health of the whole company.


Analytics within NetSuite simplify the translation of data into meaningful real-time reports and KPIs; providing a comprehensive overview of project & resource performance without losing sight of overall business operation.

NetSuite’s analytics capabilities feature real-time customisable dashboards, with one-click access to critical project information, as well as self-service collaborative reporting for a combined and unified approach to data. Each stakeholder can view the dashboards for a completely clear view of the project, reducing the margin for error.

Drive project performance and reduce human error by automating your reporting – with NetSuite’s Analytics suite.

Timesheet Management

Timesheet management is a key element of project-based services industries – it’s imperative to track employee hours to ensure resources are being used effectively and efficiently. If timesheets are often submitted late, and with inaccurate information, it could be a sign that your existing timesheet management needs an upgrade.

Quickly and easily facilitate timesheet entry with NetSuite’s timesheet management platform, and enable employees to quickly submit time and effort spent on projects. NetSuite’s timesheet feature integrates seamlessly with the rest of the platform, feeding billing and reporting accordingly.

Timesheet management with NetSuite also lets you plan your resource schedules well in advance, with holiday or leave requests trackable through your employee self-service portal. Streamline your resource planning, when you implement NetSuite through Elevate2.

Services Resources Planning

Assigning appropriate and qualified resources to handle specific projects can be an acquired skill. With NetSuite Services Resource Planning & Management, clearly see resources displayed alongside projects, with forecasting, a resource planning chart feature, and advanced skills matrix track & search – letting you maximise efficiency by assigning the right people to projects at the right time.

Implement NetSuite for Professional Services with Elevate2

Implementing a comprehensive centralised system is a sure-fire way to maximise your resources, profits and engagement. Elevate2 has many years of experience implementing NetSuite for a huge range of professional services organisations, across a range of industries. Let us help you develop effective strategies and solutions to manage your project based organisation digitally, with NetSuite.

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