NetSuite for Technology

The scalable foundation for modern technology companies

Elevate2 understand the unique challenges the technology industry face and have years of experience implementing bespoke NetSuite solutions for companies within the landscape. NetSuite ERP is the world’s #1 cloud business software provider – one unified management suite.


NetSuite for Tech

One of the most competitive and fastest-growing marketplaces in existence today, Tech companies often have to adapt before any other industry. The foundation of many other industries, technology poses a number of challenges to those at its forefront: maintaining competitive rates, unparalleled service, and project efficiency in an ever-changing market.

NetSuite for technology companies enables a seamless integration of all aspects of business management, for general business processes and also for those unique to technology. For instance, NetSuite’s financial management solution offers a configurable platform, capable of complex multi-entity transactions, and it is cloud-based, which lends itself to the collaborative nature of tech companies, who often have multiple resources from different locations working together on projects.  Join thousands of other technology companies maximising their resources and growing profits, simply by switching to NetSuite’s comprehensive business management system.

NetSuite benefits for the technology industry

A solution that fosters innovation within your organisation. Easy to use and accessible anytime, anywhere.

Increase finance efficiency and accuracy through automation of key business processes.

Trust the foundation powering today’s fastest growing companies from startup to IPO and beyond.

A solution that fosters innovation within your organisation. Easy to use and accessible anytime, anywhere.

Increase finance efficiency and accuracy through automation of key business processes.

Trust the foundation powering today’s fastest growing companies from startup to IPO and beyond.

Benefits of NetSuite for Technology companies

In our work implementing NetSuite for technology companies worldwide, Elevate2 has contributed to tangible growth and change for multiple award-winning tech companies. Modernising and replacing systems means maximising efficiency – which leads to improved business processes, better customer service levels and happy clients. Automating revenue management and accelerating financial close are other key factors that have led 1,400 technology companies to migrate to NetSuite. Join them – and reap the rewards of using NetSuite for tech businesses.

Efficient Financial Close

Inefficient financial close at month-end means a waste of time that nobody welcomes. Manual reporting on transactions and updating the books can represent an multi-person, multi-day task accounting for many lost hours across industries.

Using NetSuite financial software to perform financial close means itemised tasks, integrated systems and automated processes, allowing user configurability to ensure the platform reflects your metrics. Create checklists, view timelines, and compare data, all the while being able to integrate spreadsheets from other databases or other accounting software.

Integration of Processes

Integrating processes is essential for technology companies as they strive to be at the forefront of their industry – and NetSuite unifies all parts of your business. Netsuite is a fully integrated system covering ERP/financial accounting, CRM, eCommerce, BI and more – letting you transform the way you work.

Siloed, ad-hoc solutions do nothing to contribute towards the overall efficiency and integrity of your work. Instead, key business information is recorded separately, often leading to errors in the consistency of data and hindering reporting. A unified system means timely, accurate reporting, which highlights any inefficiencies or disparities in operation – essential for tech companies.

Detailed reporting as a result of integrated systems helps you to focus more time on making the right decisions to grow and expand your business.

Modernise, Innovate, Expand

There’s nothing more frustrating than a system being unable to handle complex data, invoicing or multi-stage financial transactions. Here at Elevate2, we know that can limit the expansion of your company – as you’re constrained by outdated or outmoded systems. A single cloud-based database solution that is equipped to handle complex data and transactions means you’re able to examine new ways of innovating; instead of the stress of maintaining hardware and software.

Expansion – particularly international expansion – is only possible through streamlining of systems. Keep up with your competitors’ global growth, when you implement NetSuite for technology. Our services allow you to transform your business into an international and multi-entity organisation, by capitalising on the efficiencies that a single database real-time global ERP system like NetSuite delivers.

Real-Time Reporting on Projects

Losing time on a project is the last thing you want when you’re working against the clock. With real-time project reporting on even the most technical and complex projects, enjoy full visibility of your projects and workstreams as they happen – letting you assess use of resources and identifying areas for optimisation.

Thanks to the fact NetSuite is cloud-based, working collaboratively on projects has never been easier. Share files and get real-time updates on projects, regardless of in-person locations and time zones, thanks to the simplicity and ease of access.

Industry-Leading Success

NetSuite’s Business Management Solution is used over 1,000 technology companies to run their businesses. The unified reporting and streamlined processes offered by NetSuite’s platform has helped countless businesses to maximise profits, simplify reporting and take steps towards industry-leading success.

NetSuite Implementation for technology companies with Elevate2

Technology companies of all sizes – from start-ups to world-beating enterprises –  need to be able to focus on innovation and creative solutions for customers. By streamlining your financial, operational and transactional systems, you can facilitate smoother operations and increase profits with Elevate2.

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