Our Sustainability

We care about making the world greener, that is why sustainability is a core value of our business strategy.

With COP26 and new Government legislation, sustainability in business is more important now than ever. At Elevate2, we have always been socially conscious and tried hard to limit our impact on the environment in any way possible. We believe it is our responsibility, along with all businesses, to ensure the future is greener – we do not want to continue seeing the climate crisis rise.

“I work with a number of business leaders to address how we can all play our part in promoting sustainability. It’s a cliché, but if we all do our bit and recognise that with positive change, not only can we make a big collective impact, but we can also ensure our business and operations are more efficient.” – Alex Lester, CEO & Founder

How our working practices help to reduce carbon emissions

As a business, we have pledged to be carbon negative by 2023. To achieve this we have introduced new initiatives and environmental policies to make sure sustainability is the driving force behind our business strategy.

SaaS software – we use cloud-based SaaS software for everything we do! We are passionate about using 100% true cloud-based platforms to drive growth and innovation. With increased energy efficiency and reduced electricity use, it helps us reduce our climate impact.

Paperless – we implemented a paperless system years ago, quickly realising how outdated printing is. Instead, we use electronic alternatives to share, sign and publish the work we need to. For example, we use DocuSign for official document signing and even have e-business cards for sharing our work contact information. These small steps really do make all the difference.

Remote working – we encourage a balance between office and home working. This limits travel which in turn limits our carbon footprint. Reducing the commuting time of our staff not only helps work / life balance but helps the environment too.

Working with like-minded clients

At Elevate2, we strive for long-term relationships with clients so we can maximise their potential, but we also look to work and partner with companies who share the same values and goals as we do – striving to make the world a greener place. We feel privileged to work with some of the leading businesses in the sustainability and net zero community in the UK such as EMR, Salix Finance and NetZero Buildings.

We are also working with the senior leadership team on behalf of the Government to understand rules for the three levels of carbon offset required for companies in the future, and to help companies manage and report on the scope of their carbon offset data we are planning to develop our own application to manage this within NetSuite: ‘TaskGreen’.

Plant a tree scheme

We enjoy celebrating new client relationships and we do this by planting a new tree for every single client. Not only is this a gift to our clients to symbolise our growth and commitment, but each tree will help to absorb carbon dioxide and combat global warming. We are passionate about growing our Elevate2 Forest along with our client base.

Every little positive action helps to reduce our own carbon footprint as well as helping reach the UK government’s 2050 target to become carbon net zero.

Working with Elevate2

We have worked with the UK’s leading businesses to implement NetSuite – the world’s #1 cloud-based business management suite.