6 Questions To Ask In A Sales Pitch With Your Potential Partner

By the team at Elevate2 | 5 Oct 2021
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Choosing a NetSuite Partner can be a daunting, but asking these six questions in your sales pitch will help make sure you select correctly.

NetSuite implementation can be complex and finding the right partner even more so, but for many companies integrating the winning cloud-based software is now a necessity. For efficient and effective implementation you need a team of skilled consultants who have the experience and knowledge to make you feel supported.

If you want to be sure you are making the right choice be sure to ask the following six questions before getting started.

Question 1 – Are your consultants certified?

It might seem simple but confirming the partners you could work with are fully certified NetSuite consultants is very important. Unfortunately, there are many amateur tech enthusiasts that attempt to pass themselves off as professionals without appropriate qualifications.

The world of cloud-based business software can seem intimidating and overwhelming, filled with jargon and acronyms probably never heard before. Your NetSuite partner should make you feel comfortable and confident in their ability, knowledge and understanding – with the right certifications to back them up!

Question 2 – Do you offer implementation services?

You will be surprised to see how many partners do not offer implementation services. Our advice would be to find a partner that can offer you a complete end-to-end solution; from consultation to implementation and integration go-live.

If it is confirmed that implementation services are offered, be sure to ask further questions about what this process looks like. Does their approach to the work fit with your operations or culture internally? Here at Elevate2, we use TaskLite© – our unique methodology. It has been cleverly designed to adapt to your business, culture, and requirements, finely tuned to ensure delivery to time and budget.

Question 3 – Will you train our team in using NetSuite?

You make the (winning) decision to implement NetSuite, a completely new business management suite to you and your team, but at go-live your partner assumes you’re capable of going it alone. This will leave you feeling overwhelmed and unlikely to be able to get the very most from NetSuite. That is why it is vital you ask whether training will or can be carried out for the individual who will be users of the cloud-based software.

Leading NetSuite partners should be able to offer you a completely bespoke training package, tailored to your unique needs. Here at Elevate2, we understand that no two businesses will use NetSuite in the same way, so we offer training to all of our new customers to make sure they get ahead of the competition and use NetSuite to the fullest.

Question 4 – Do you offer support and managed services?

We understand that NetSuite is a large investment, both in money and time. For this reason, asking your potential partner if they offer support or managed services after go-live is well worth your time. Due to the nature of technology updates and data changes potential problems can occur and there would be nothing worse than having to face those alone.

Having a team of dedicated technical consultants to support you adds an extra level of security to your new NetSuite software. Elevate2 offer four levels of support, ranging from ‘Bronze’ to ‘Managed Services’ – there is a level to suit every business.

Question 5 – Can you show me previous case studies that demonstrate your industry experience?

All established NetSuite partners should have case studies to support their services. Being able to read those that reflect or relate to your own industry can give you the confidence needed to take a step towards signing a contract. They are a great resource for finding out how a service or NetSuite has been implemented successfully, and what the journey looked like to get there.

Elevate2 have case studies covering a wide range of industries, from Gaming and Financial Services to Cryptocurrency and Energy. We are always happy to share these with our prospects and can even couple this with references from directly from our customers.

Question 6 – What makes you stand out as a NetSuite Partner?

Maybe the golden question of them all, what makes you stand out? Don’t be afraid to put your potential partner on the spot and encourage them to showcase themselves against the competition. We personally love this question in pitches and demonstrations, it lets us shout about all the good stuff!

Here at Elevate2, we are going above and beyond many other partners developing in-house applications and software to add additional capabilities to NetSuite. We’ve developed applications such as TaskCoin© and TaskLink©, forming our TaskSuite© products. Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask us more.

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