Catch-Up With The Elevate2 Team – November 2021

By the team at Elevate2 | 10 Nov 2021
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We take the time to catch-up and check-in with the expanding Elevate2 team.

With offices in the London, UK and Manila, Philippines our team has continued to grow. As we welcome new members our company manager, Madeline, catches up to find out a little more about their first few months at Elevate2.

Lovella Dinglasan – Senior Consultant

Lovella Dinglasan - senior consultant

What motivates you to come to work?

The fact I know that I am valued and that I am able to contribute not only to the success of the company (E2), but also of the customers.

In my previous role I used to do projects within a certain vertical only but now I get to be exposed to other industries and that gives me opportunity to learn a lot of new things! 

Who on the E2 team has been most helpful during your first months? And how?

Francis – he has no choice! Kidding aside, we’ve been friends since 2015 and we used to work together in the same team so naturally whatever question I had, which was so many, he’s the first person I asked. 

Alastair Morton – Sales Manager

Alastair Morton - sales manager

What are some highlights of the job so far?

I have really enjoyed the calls with clients and demonstrations, I find pitching to clients very exciting and then also rewarding when it goes well. Another one of the highlights will have to be the team in general as everybody gets on very well and it’s a nice atmosphere in the office. My colleague, Mike, has been incredibly helpful – I can’t comment highly enough on how willing he is to give you some of his time with whatever question I may have. 

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?

I enjoy watching cricket during the summer and then also rugby and football during the winter, I’m a keen Southampton fan so like to go as and when I can. I also really enjoy playing golf on a Sunday followed by a nice pub roast. 

Owen Ramirez – Senior Consultant

Owen Ramirez - senior consultant

What are some highlights of the job so far?

I have been able to conduct a Brownbag Session re: Inventory Replenishment and Item Costing Method as some of the E2 consultants have not dealt much with these functionalities during their NetSuite tenure. Being able to share my knowledge and expertise on Inventory Management is something I can point out as one of my highlights so far.

Who on the E2 team has been most helpful during your first months? And how?

Everyone has helped in some ways, but to name few 1.) Francis – who is always there to answer any queries (administrative and work related). 2.) Lovella – who have been an ally even before I joined the team, she’s my go-to person to confirm any questions I have and my confidant to listen and advise on any hurdles I am facing on my job. 3.) Madeline – who immediately resolved account login and E2 tools issues I had during my first day. 

Jean John-Edo – Account Manager

Jean John-Edo - account manager

What motivates you to come to work?

Learning is one of the many things I love about life and this job. Coming from a different background, I knew it would be challenging but having the chance to learn new things, research, study, learn from my colleagues and be exposed to different ways of thinking has been instrumental to my personal and professional development. Every day I am shown different scenarios that can happen and am able to get better at what I do and grow with the company as well.

I love the opportunity to take initiative, be creative, gain skills and knowledge to engage sales force, increase productivity, and having the chance to make an impact. Not to mention, it is a great work environment, and as passionate as I am about my job, I relish the chance to work with great people in a great culture.  

One of the many ways to lose passion for a role is to not be acknowledged – The recognition and encouragement by my supervisors and co-workers at Elevate2 has motivated me to be even better and wanting to make contributions to the business, resulting in my receiving an E2 star award a month after I joined the company.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?

I’m a creative at heart, so you will find me reading, drawing, painting, writing, taking photographs, listening/dancing to old school jazz, practicing on the piano, taking care of my plants, daydreaming, and exploring London. I have recently realized that I am a foodie, so going to great restaurants makes my heart flutter.  

Who on the E2 team has been most helpful during your first months? And how?

Honestly, every single person on the team has been very helpful to me. One of the things I quickly realized with working here is the togetherness of the team, but I would be a fraud if I do not highlight these two who have been instrumental to my growth – Mike Stevenson and David Kennett 

Mike has been with me every step of the way, empowering me, answering every question I have, educating me and letting me shadow his calls so I can learn better, guiding me, and just doing everything to help me when required. David has been great with communication and regular one on one’s, constructive feedback, guiding me to courses to help me progress and be better, and making sure I have everything I need to make work from home life easier. 

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