How Can NetSuite Help Streamline The Sales Process?

By the team at Elevate2 | 16 Aug 2021
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It can often feel like an overwhelming challenge, but streamlining the sales process doesn’t have to be – NetSuite’s dedicated sales features make it the perfect solution

Finding the best system for sales management: it’s a common goal, no matter what industry you work in. For decades, sales success relied on a whole host of factors: customer interactions, operational efficiency, an intelligent use of resources and accurate financial reporting. Today, all these factors are still in play – but there’s a new way to manage them.

Finding an integrated platform through which all aspects of your operations are visible, configurable and manageable is an essential part of streamlining your sales process – and that’s where NetSuite comes in.

Using a business software solution like NetSuite allows you to view and report on all aspects of the sales pipeline from one easy-to-use display, adding functionalities where needed to reflect company metrics and targets. Integration with existing systems means that data can be shared as necessary, whilst intelligent reporting offers insight and analysis of company performance. An integrated CRM capability allows stakeholders to track leads and make sure interactions are positive, productive, and heading to a conversion.

In short, finding the best system for sales management means choosing NetSuite. So, how can NetSuite’s dedicated Sales features help you?

How can NetSuite help me to streamline sales processes?

Finding software to streamline your sales process can be difficult in a crowded market. First, it’s important to start with your pain points: where is efficiency being lost in your sales pipeline? Where are customers – or potential customers – leaving you? Finally, where can you integrate, combine and automate for a faster and more efficient close?

Answering each of these questions takes you to what you need in a sales platform. Commonly, similar answers crop up for companies with sales as a key part of their process: disparate, siloed systems lead to inefficiencies, and lost potential conversions.

Using NetSuite’s integrated platform, you’ll never again lose sight of those vital leads. Your business management software incorporates everything from transactions to interactions, and sales to stock inventory. Your smart display will reflect your chosen metrics and KPIs, to make sure all stakeholders have real-time visibility to data.

NetSuite for E-Commerce

What if sales is not just part of your business, and is instead the main goal? With NetSuite for E-Commerce, businesses enjoy real-time stock updates and inventory, improved operational efficiency and of course, faster order fulfilment. Our intelligent business software helps businesses to optimise inventory management even in times of rapid turnover like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, avoiding stock-outs and ensuring that needs are met – to customers and fulfilment centres alike.

Sales aren’t just part of E-Commerce – they’re everything. So make sure your sales communication is tight, targeted, and timed to perfection, with NetSuite’s CRM.

Integrated CRM

Our integrated CRM is a crucial aspect for sales teams, as they strive to ensure that all leads are at the right stage of the funnel at any given moment. Creating nurture workflows for clients to pass through – depending whether they’re a qualified lead- is essential for most sales teams to ensure prospective customers are receiving the right messaging and marketing collateral.

With our CRM module as part of the NetSuite package, you can ensure your customers are at the right stage of the marketing and sales funnels of a specific campaign. Ensure fast, targeted and personalised communication stays at the forefront of your customer relationship strategy, without having to move platforms to check on your other departments like Project Management, Financial Accounting, Inventory Management, and more.

Financial Forecasting

With NetSuite Planning and Budgeting (NSPB), companies can plan, budget and – you guessed it – forecast their financial health efficiently and accurately. NSPB incorporates a range of factors and variables to produce projections with multiple budgets, plans and scenarios.

This financial planning allows the company to model how different factors could influence the company’s future performance, with a clear projection of how operations and sales could be affected. For example, if headcount in your Sales team were to be increased by 5, how would that affect your project revenues and costs – compared to if the Sales team headcount was increased by 7? NetSuite’s Planning and Budgeting feature allows for such variables to be taken into account, and  greater financial visibility to become part of standard operations.

Accurate financial reporting is a significant boost to stakeholder and shareholder confidence; whilst 360 degree visibility of operations increases engagement.

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