How Can NetSuite Help With Company Expansion?

By the team at Elevate2 | 22 Sep 2021
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If you have started thinking about ways to maximise your company expansion, NetSuite’s intelligent features could be the solution you’re looking for

Expanding your organisation is a goal that almost every company can identify with. Whether you are a start-up looking to improve your reach locally, or whether you are a multinational billion-dollar corporation expanding into a new overseas market for the first time, growth is a common goal. Scaling up your organisation can bring with it a host of new challenges, which can range from simple logistical issues like new premises to complicated department and process reorganisation in order to accommodate new clients, bigger transactions and more complex management issues.

Funnelling your company’s growth through a business management software can strip your expansion of the time-consuming and logistical difficulties that typically accompany a scale-up. Growing your business, staff and profits doesn’t have to be a difficult task: instead, implementing a smart business management system to take care of the details can ensure a smooth, simple transition to a bigger and better company.

NetSuite’s intelligent business platform facilitates growth and streamlining for companies of all sizes, and across all industries. A one-stop shop for each of your business processes, marketing and sales activities, NetSuite offers a huge range of industry-specific services, all configurable and managed through one centralised point. From financial and accounting features to timesheets to an integrated CRM, our cloud-based system allows you to manage, modify and optimise every process related to expanding your business.

NetSuite’s Features & Benefits

Finding a business management system that can help you scale up operations isn’t easy. The versatility, flexibility and agility needed from your business management system simply isn’t present in most platforms; restricting your growth and creating obstacles to a much-needed system refinement. For instance, using a financial reporting system which is incapable of keeping up with transactions spanning multiple currencies and projects is an inevitable blocker to your progress. Additionally, if your system can’t ensure international financial compliance, it’s going to delay – or even prevent – the expansion you’re striving for.

With NetSuite’s Financial & Accounting systems, let your software do the work for you.  On-demand, real-time insights into invoicing, payments and overheads are provided by a programme that calculates risk, compliance, and opportunity all in one centralised platform. Our NetSuite for Financial Management system combines core finance and accounting features with its compliance management tool, which naturally in turn minimises back-office costs and transforms financial close, for overall improved performance.

NetSuite’s financial management system is only one aspect of how the software promotes company expansion. Keeping back-office systems streamlined to facilitate growth additionally includes things like timesheets, project management, resource allocation, order and billing inventory management – each through their own dedicated feature application. A real-time insight into all levels of your company’s performance can help you ensure much-needed organisational streamlining, identifying margins for improvement and spotting productivity drains as they happen.

The front-end of your business is still crucial when it comes to expanding into new markets or to new audiences. With NetSuite’s CRM application, keep track of all interactions between internal teams as well as those with clients, following up on sales and ensuring leads are capitalised on while they’re still warm. Ensure that sales and marketing are aligned, and that all progress is recorded in clear campaigns and projects, before you expand into new markets with old processes that no longer serve you.

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To learn more about how NetSuite can assist in your planned expansion, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert consultants. Our NetSuite project managers can provide a bespoke platform proposal, with applications tailored to your metrics, practices and processes – to help you into a brighter and bigger future.

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