Is It Time To Consider NetSuite ERP Integration For Your Business?

By the team at Elevate2 | 2 Sep 2021
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NetSuite’s cloud-based business management suite can provide business owners with a unified solution

Businesses across every industry face challenges, more often than not an ERP system can help solve them. Understanding what an ERP system is and the functionality it has is the first step in discovering the solutions it can provide.

Although there might be many reasons a business leader is beginning to consider investing in an ERP, we are looking at just 3 frequent priorities.

Priority #1 – Enabling clearer visibility across the business

NetSuite’s true cloud ERP accelerates business performance

NetSuite ERP is a scalable solution to run all key business operations in the cloud. From financial management and billing solutions to supply chain and warehouse management – NetSuite will give business leaders of all sizes, across all industries real-time, complete visibility. With this cross-business picture, real-time reporting and analytics, business leaders can make faster decisions that save cost and promote efficiency.

Key benefits include:

  1. Streamline Processes – NetSuite’s robust ERP allows its customers to streamline mission-critical business processes.
  2. Business Intelligence – real-time insights of a unified view of the organisation, giving a single version of truth.
  3. Total Scalability – NetSuite ERP Can grow with your business, add functionality and models as your scale.

Priority #2 – Getting better control of inventory and fulfilment

NetSuite enables you to manage inventory automatically

Inventory managements is made up of many different factors to consider, but the biggest is making sure there is enough inventory to meet demands. NetSuite’s inventory management software offers tools and features that will help tracking inventory in multiple locations, safety stock, re-order points, cycle counts, demand planning and distribution requirements planning.

Key features include:

  1. Replenishment – automatically calculate key settings, view and manage inventory across your organisation and multi-location planning.
  2. Cycle Counting – increased accuracy of inventory levels, automatically prompts for items to be counted and categories your items based on volumes/value.
  3. Traceability – lot tracking, serial tracking and enforce full traceability.
  4. Warehousing – multi-location tracking, hierarchical location definitions and bin tracking.

Priority #3 – Replacing accounting software you’ve outgrown

NetSuite is the world’s number 1 cloud financial management system

Growing businesses will reach a point where system such as QuickBooks and Xero will no longer meet the needed requirements. NetSuite’s financial management system accelerates financial close, provides strong expense management, offers streamlined and auditable revenue management and give complete visibility into financial performance.

Key benefits include:

  1. Timely Information – real-time metrics and insight with role-based dashboards.
  2. Accelerate Financial Close – close with confidence and efficiency while maintaining compliance with standards.
  3. Accurate Reporting – deep-dive into the underlying details to fully understand the impact on your business.

Noticed challenges you are looking to overcome in your business?

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