Is NetSuite A CRM?

By the team at Elevate2 | 14 Sep 2021
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NetSuite’s Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) software is the only cloud solution offering a real-time, holistic view across the entire customer lifecycle

Choosing the perfect CRM can be tough. Customer Relationship Management is more important than it’s ever been, and letting a single customer go unnoticed or unanswered could be the difference between making your monthly target and failing to meet it. Operating your business in today’s competitive market means you need to have a database that centralises your customer relationship management, your sales, your interactions and your customer base. However, assessing your CRM options can be a challenging task for marketing managers, sales managers and content experts, because your CRM needs to deliver on all three fronts.

NetSuite is your end-to-end business management solution, offering customisable features and applications that streamline and enhance your business performance and operation – including our CRM functionality. Simply put, NetSuite itself is more than a CRM: it is a comprehensive platform which offers its users the ability to track financials, manage inventory, generate reports, make projections and forecasting, and a great deal more.

Our suite of market-leading applications includes NetSuite’s CRM offering: the perfect way to keep track of your customer service and support as well as delivering sales force automation and marketing automation, for one easy-to-use platform.

NetSuite’s CRM feature allows businesses of all shapes and sizes to manage and strategise from one centralised dashboard. A NetSuite CRM offers a powerful solution to a multitude of issues, including keeping track of client interactions, moving customers through the sales journey, managing marketing communication and a great deal more. Read on to find out what NetSuite’s CRM can offer you:

Features & Benefits of a NetSuite CRM

Implementing a NetSuite CRM is the single smartest move when it comes to managing your business’s customer relationship and service.  Don’t make the mistake of thinking that it’s just about your customers or marketing, however: your CRM offers the opportunity to streamline all processes, improve your sales performance, identify upsell opportunities and manage global sales and forecasting through one centralised system.

Reporting & Analytics

The reporting and analytics functions of NetSuite’s CRM are one of the platform’s primary benefits for its end users. Our real-time dashboards offer a clear platform through which all stakeholders can interact with the data on offer, with customised dashboards depending on stakeholder interest or department. NetSuite’s CRM allows for forecasting which lets users see performance against sales goals against projected performance, for a 360 degree view of your organisation’s operations. Marketing goals are measurable too; through our tracking and traffic functions: allowing digital marketing managers to assess the efficacy of sales campaigns through clicks, traffic and conversions on ads and your site. Combined with sales force automation, your reporting and analytics function is a real-time one-stop shop for streamlining your sales process from beginning to end.

Customer & Partner Relationship and Support

Enabling streamlined, efficient customer service is the fastest way to support your organisation’s growth. Letting a qualified lead slip through your fingers is an entirely preventable missed opportunity. With NetSuite’s CRM platform, create one single record of customer interactions, transactions and data – automating classification and escalation for customer service to ensure clients are at the right stage of the sales funnel at any one time. Case tracking and automatic online self-service help you to ensure that you’re handling all enquiries in a swift, responsive and appropriate manner – building brand ambassadors with nothing more than timely data tracking. Especially when it comes to E-Commerce, having the ability to track every interaction between prospects and customers offers an opportunity to improve and refine your processes and produce conversions faster than ever before.


One of the most impactful elements of NetSuite’s CRM function is the ability to track multi-channel marketing campaigns through its dashboard – improving efficiency and clarity between sales and marketing departments. Aligning your marketing efforts with your sales goals is an opportunity to refine your collateral, allowing creatives and marketers to build impactful campaigns that produce a real effort. Monitor in real-time the impacts your movements are having on your audience, and no longer pour time and resources into channels that aren’t serving your overall goal.

Experts in implementing NetSuite’s CRM

NetSuite’s CRM offers a powerful tool through which businesses of all sizes can manage their sales and marketing efforts. Don’t miss out – talk to Elevate2 about implementing NetSuite’s CRM for your organisation today.

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