Lean On The NetSuite Support Community While Working From Home

By the team at Elevate2 | 9 Dec 2020
6 min read

The days of the spontaneous deskside brainstorming sessions are, for the foreseeable future, a faint memory, as large numbers of us work from home. But the desire to give and receive support hasn’t waned, it’s just moved increasingly online.

We have witnessed this in the NetSuite Support Community in some remarkable ways.

The NetSuite Support Community is open to all NetSuite users. It operates with over 30,000 registered members including employees, developers and solution providers. Registered members have easy access to community discussions, new feature tutorials, documentations and new release contents. All activities in the community are carefully monitored by an Administrator/Moderator to ensure community guidelines are followed.

The NetSuite Support Community also provides an Ask a Guru forum powered by NetSuite Gurus. The NetSuite Gurus are subject matter experts in all NetSuite Products and are always ready to provide technical help to members.

Here are a few notable stories of how the members were able to exemplify how working from home does not mean you have to work alone.

Kari, an operations manager who had been working remotely from her team, wanted to know how they could effectively track the backorders from different locations through a Saved Search Report generated in NetSuite. Not only did members share the methods that they are currently using but they also redirected her to the right SuiteAnswer Article (SuiteAnswers ID 62611 Recreate Reallocate Items Page via Transaction Saved Search to Add More Fields) which she could use as a guide.

Ellen, an ERP specialist and IT professional, shared with the community the report she was unsuccessfully trying to build. The report needed to show all the vendor bills with pending approval status and those that are yet to be submitted. Members, who were eager to save her from the frustration, pointed out what she was missing to successfully create the report. Through the exchange of ideas, they were able to point out that the form used for these vendor bills were customized and that the Submit button is not part of the Standard Vendor Bill record. As a result, she needed to further customize it. Ellen was so pleased because she was able to pull up needed records and was able to meet her deadlines in a timely manner.

Chris, an accountant, posted a thread and asked how he could import multiple transactions and records in NetSuite. Members routed him to an enhancement request that NetSuite users can vote for. Voting for an enhancement request helps the NetSuite Product Management teams in determining new features to release.

Members took the initiative to share alternative solutions that Chris could use to deliver the same results while waiting for the enhancement to be implemented.

Julio, a sales promotion officer and IT professional, had to create a script for sales orders which would disable the discount and promotion fields when gift certificates are sold. He mentioned in the community that since working from home he’d been struggling to implement it. Members of the community helped him find what needed to be corrected in his script. He was able to deploy the script and was highly appreciative.

As humans, we are social animals; and in the current set up social interactions have become more difficult. With NetSuite Support Community, you do not have to feel alone while you’re working from home or wherever you are.

Join the new NetSuite Support Community today! Learn new techniques, share best practices and find technical solutions that work for other NetSuite Professionals.

First published by NetSuite Blogs 7th October 2020