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By the team at Elevate2 | 7 Jul 2021
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At Elevate2, we recommend using the best ERP solution for your business requirements – NetSuite. With over 24,000 organisations using their NetSuite login every day, it is by far the world’s leading cloud-based ERP business solution.

The stand-out advantage of NetSuite is its flexibility, which cannot be said of legacy systems. There is no need to adjust your business to suit the software; it will fit around your business – without the need for expensive customisation. As your business scales, you won’t be held back by ‘version lock’ – it will scale with you. If you need to add more users you can do so with ease, and adding modules is non-problematic too. With NetSuite, all users get one version of the truth – real-time data that is analysed and visible from within the system.

The best part though is the ability to access NetSuite from anywhere with an internet connection via a PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet. Login and away you go!

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NetSuite Login with Two-Factor Authentication

As an added layer of security, your company can adopt Two-factor authentication (2FA) which allows enforcement of an additional level of security for logging in to NetSuite. Using 2FA can protect your company from unauthorized access to data. Two-factor authentication requires that users log in using:

1. Something they know – their NetSuite user credentials: their email address and password.

2. Something they have – a secure token that generates a time-based verification code for each login, or a mobile phone that can receive verification codes by one of the following:

A. Short Message Service (SMS) text message.

B. Voice call.

C. An authenticator application Each code is a unique series of numbers valid for a limited time, and only for a single login.


NetSuite Login with Azure Active Directory integration

It is also possible to integrate your NetSuite login with Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) which offers the following benefits:


1. You can control in Azure AD who has access to NetSuite.

2. You can enable your users to automatically get signed on to NetSuite (Single Sign-On) with their Azure AD accounts.

3. You can manage your accounts in one central location – the Azure portal.

Single Sign-On (SSO) gives you access to all the applications you use without signing in to each one separately. Many organisations use various different SaaS applications such as Office365 and NetSuite and users are required to remember their login credentials for each one. Using the cloud, Azure allows users to sign in to all company programmes, web and SaaS applications at once.


For your business to start benefiting, the first thing you need to do is implement NetSuite, which we at Elevate2 would be delighted to help you with.

Once the implementation is complete and you have been given user access, head to the following link with your NetSuite login credentials: NetSuite Login Here


For more information on NetSuite login best practice, watch this training video:

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