The Future Work Environment: Home & Office Hybrid

By the team at Elevate2 | 7 Oct 2021
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Companies are looking to the post-Covid world, but what does the future work environment look like?

Since the Covid-19 pandemic upended our lives, employees around the world have settled into a life of complete, mandatory remote work. Now, as governments give the green-light to return to the workplace companies are trying to decide the best way forward for their workers.

There has been an undeniable shift in the desire for a mixture of home and office working, so does this mean a hybrid will become the normal? We think so.

Why the shift to hybrid?

As the end of the pandemic (hopefully) draws nearer, a shift to hybrid working is apparent. One strong reason behind this is that companies, and their employees, have acknowledged that both working environments have their benefits.

Working from home has improved concentration, lessened distractions from colleagues, and allowed more time for a healthy work-life balance. Not having to add a commute to the day, being in for deliveries and money savings are all massive positives.

Working from the office on the other hand is great for creative and collaborative work, feeling a part of a culture and makes it easier to build relationships. No technology or video call can quite replace the feelings and outputs of having a true face-to-face conversation.

Benefits to companies

Hybrid working has huge benefits for companies themselves. Hybrid working allows flexibility and gives freedom to employees to decide what environment best works for them, which might vary day-to-day. This has shown to improve employee satisfaction, efficiency, and productivity. All win-wins for companies!

In addition, with hybrid working shaping the future work environment companies can consider changes to their office space. They might be able to consider smaller spaces with hot desking, or redesigning space to be more social and collaborative than strict desks.

If there is one thing the global pandemic has taught both employers and employees, it is that strict regimes to work environment does not necessarily fuel productivity and efficiency. It is surprising how many individuals are missing their offices and colleagues, looking forward to integrating office working back into their routines in some capacity.

What Elevate2’s future work environment looks like

As previously mentioned, hybrid working is a future work environment all of us here at Elevate2 envisage. This is something our CEO, Alex, has encouraged and we have all begun to return to office for a portion of our working weeks.

We asked some of our UK team who have begun returning to the London office their own thoughts and feelings of hybrid working.

Madeline – Company Manager

Maddy Company Manager

“After this past year, we have made it a priority to create a work-life balance by opting for flexible working. We are a collaborative team and like to come together but equally understand the time saving benefits of not having to commute in. 50/50 home and office working seems to be the sweet spot for us at E2.“ 

Mike – Sales Manager

Mike Sales Manager

“Going back into the office, meeting with clients and being able to see other teammates again has been great. We can bounce ideas off one another and work more collaboratively, whilst still retaining the flexibility hybrid working gives us.“


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