What Is The Best Business Management Software?

By the team at Elevate2 | 8 Sep 2021
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Is there truly only one ‘best’ business management software?

The truth? We don’t know

You might be surprised to hear that, but any business management software company that puts themselves forward as the solution to every management problem just isn’t being straightforward. The fact of the matter is that when it comes to choosing the best management software, there’s simply no single right answer for everyone – no one-size fits all approach. Any business management software company that’s offering one single version of their platform to startups and market leaders alike as a cure-all is simply out to make a profit – usually at your expense. The truthful answer about finding the best business management software for you is that it will vary – depending on your industry, company size, and individual pain points. This means, above all else, that it has to be flexible.

Here at Elevate2, we know that every business is unique – and has unique needs. Whether your company’s pain point is around time-tracking, you need a way to manage multiple projects at once, or whether your company’s financial planning system needs an overhaul – no two businesses have exactly the same issues, so we don’t try to offer the same fixes.

Instead, Elevate 2 offers each of our clients truly bespoke solutions. Our approach means that you’ll always end up with a business management software that’s perfectly tailored to your needs, instead of grappling with add-ons and features that don’t serve your sales and marketing goals. Your bespoke business management solution should work for you, and not the other way around.

Your best business management software is unique to you

If you’re looking for the best business management software available, it’s going to be the one that has a range of flexible, adaptable features. You need to tailor your solution to exactly and only the applications you’ll actually use.

To work out what features are your must-have, you have to start with what it is your organisation actually needs. You may have specific needs, pain points and goals within your company which may not necessarily apply to the broader field. For instance, you may need business management software for financial technology companies, but specifically need the capability of multiple transactions in multiple currencies. Whatever your industry, NetSuite has a standard platform to support your work – but we will go beyond industry standard; offering you applications and functionalities to take your business to the next level.

Of course, there are always going to be some factors that are a must-have for pretty much every business management software, no matter what. Almost everyone looking for business management solutions is looking for simplicity, ease, and clarity – which our industry-specific NetSuite platforms can offer, regardless of your industry.

NetSuite’s business management software solution

NetSuite’s business management software allows organisations to streamline by taking control of their siloed and disparate information; creating one dashboard from which the entire central hub of the business can operate. Increasing efficiency is the priority for the majority of our clients, which can be facilitated in a number of different ways through NetSuite’s business management software.

For instance, you might have noticed a drop in efficiency: projects moving through the company a lot slower than they used to. Naturally, you want to implement business management software in the hopes that looking at your data will allow you to begin monitoring your efficiency. NetSuite’s inbuilt employee timesheets allows you to spot where employees might be struggling with a bottleneck – is it at the sales stage? Is the invoicing process taking too much time?-  and therefore identify those all-important margins for improvement. In this case, it’s clear that by finding your pain point, you know what you want:  the best business management software will be able to give you this visibility of all levels of your business.

Alternatively, you may want to choose the best business management platform to help you create financial reports efficiently at month-end. If you’ve noticed that creating monthly financial statements is a time-consuming process, it’s likely that your current system doesn’t have the right information in the right place – so you’re going to need a platform that consolidates transactional data in one accessible and easy-to-use format. NetSuite’s financial reporting application can streamline reporting by keeping all data together and clear, rather than siloed in different documents and spreadsheets. In fact, it can even automatically generate reports for you. In this instance, the best management solution for your business will be one that can clearly provide accurate information to the end user.

Whatever your business, the only real way to identify the best business management software for your organisation is to start with the pain points. What is it that’s causing a headache, preventing growth, or even draining the organisation’s time and money? From there, you simply need to work out which platform can give you the flexibility and scalability to meet both your specific needs as well as the serve and streamline the wider overarching business strategy.

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A tailored business management software is the best solution

With NetSuite’s industry-specific platforms, tailored to your organisation, you’ll never lose sight of the metrics that matter