Integrations & Web Services

Point-to-point integrations with other business systems

NetSuite’ SuiteTalk integration toolset has native support for REST or SOAP based web services integrations, which allow you to access all NetSuite records and custom objects for integration purposes, enabling real-time transactional and master data integration.

Our developers have experience building point-to-point integrations with a wide variety of other systems, including eCommerce, EPOS, billing systems, and many more – so you can work with us in confidence that we will be able to help you integrate your different business systems effectively.

Our team has also built TaskLink, an integration tool that sits inside NetSuite and greatly simplifies the process of integrating with third party systems. TaskLink dramatically reduces the time and effort required to integrate NetSuite with third party systems like Salesforce, Shopify and GoodTill, providing a fixed price implementation approach that accelerates time-to-value and reduces the risk of integrations taking more time and money to complete than budgeted.


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