Elevate2's unique implementation methodology. Transforming your vision in to a working solution.

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Cleverly designed to adapt to your business, culture and requirements, TaskLite’s agile, finely tuned processes ensure delivery to time and budget, whatever the size and nature of your project

How it works
1 - Sales

Your project starts on day 1 of the sales process, as the knowledge gained at this stage is retained to help your project hit the ground running. No information is wasted; rather it is utilised to ensure an efficient transition from sales to project initiation.

2 - Initiate

Behind every successful project lies intelligent client information gathering. TaskLite makes the initiation process easy by providing templates to support the knowledge transfer. This systematic approach allows for a detailed and accurate background to your requirements.

3 - Requirements

The initiation stage will effectively shine a light on your project requirements. To ensure these are understood in full, the information gathered from your Business Process Mapping exercise is analysed and a series of tailored sessions are arranged to tease out further detail.

4 - Proof of Concept

This vital process validates the design by providing a visual model of your application within NetSuite. This closes the gap between client software knowledge and existing business process whilst allowing for easy alterations, thereby mitigating rework at a later stage, saving on costs and time.

5 - Build

The hard work completed in the Proof of Concept acts as the foundations to the core application build. Here the detailed areas of design, configuration and process are fleshed out.

6 - Test

Thorough system testing is continuous throughout the build process to minimise any changes during user acceptance testing (UAT). Cycles of UAT are completed closely with you to ensure a robust solution before your application goes live.

7 - Delivery

The delivery process provides a smooth transfer from your legacy system to NetSuite, ensuring the right level of deployment for training, process, application and data integrity. Only when all the pieces of the project fit together does it go live.

8 - Support

Your application is fully supported through both the initial post go-live period and long-term in the form of ongoing support. In order to continually provide the optimum solutions for your application and processes, enhancements will be made as you grow as a business.

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