Extending NetSuite to support payments in any fiat or crypto currency

TaskCoin© – Multi-currency payments in fiat or crypto

TaskCoin is a NetSuite SuiteApp designed and built by Elevate2 to allow customer payments and supplier payments in a different currency from the invoice currency, which is a limitation in standard NetSuite. This provides companies with the flexibility to settle invoices in fiat currencies or cryptocurrencies that are different to the transaction currency. TaskCoin also automatically generates the corresponding forex gains/losses on the payment record.

For companies operating in the growing cryptocurrency and blockchain industry, TaskCoin makes NetSuite the perfect business system to support their company’s growth. It provides flexible multi-currency functionality that supports cryptocurrencies with up to 8 decimal places, allowing the accurate capture of transactions to the correct decimal precision when receiving or making payments using crypto currencies, avoiding the potential issue of inaccurate rounding of transactions to the standard 2 decimal places that most accounting systems default to.

At Elevate2 we are always looking to help our customers and maximise their growth. That is why we have developed TaskCoin© – to help our customers get ahead of the competition and maximise the benefits from a modern cloud solution like NetSuite.

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