Allowing NetSuite to talk to third-party platforms

TaskLink© – The in-house developed application

This application was designed to allow a direct integration from NetSuite to other third-party platforms.

At Elevate2, we have built our own in-house application and have worked with many clients to integrate their NetSuite solution with 3rd party applications, ensuring a seamless flow of data and a single version of the truth across their IT landscape and organisation. Consultants highly experienced in delivering integration projects of this nature will work with customers, ensuring a robust integration and timely project go-live.

Key Benefit Areas

  1. Seamless flow of information – Elevate2’s TaskLink© reduces both manual input as well as risk of potential errors, maintaining accurate data across internal teams and solutions.
  2. Flexible architecture – Elevate2’s solution is highly configurable, secure and can map to any data fields available in either application. This means that the integration can be adjusted if data requirements change in the future.
  3. Rapid Deployment – Utilising NetSuite’s open API technology alongside Elevate2’s TaskLink© solution will remove the requirement for middleware, reducing TCO and ensuring rapid integration.
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