NetSuite HR Modules

Centralise and automate human resource processes while serving up real-time analytics

NetSuite’s HR modules integrate people data throughout the Suite, giving businesses complete control over human resource processes. Our experienced team can discuss and answer your questions, helping decided which modules provide the correct solution to your unique business requirements.

NetSuite Payroll

Payroll organises and automates payment for employees and contractors while helping your team monitor time and attendance, as well as account for deductions and taxes. By helping to streamline payroll, NetSuite helps to reduce costs and ensure timely payroll processes.

NetSuite SuitePeople HR

SuitePeople HR empower managers and HR professionals by streamlining employee information, new hires, employee onboarding, performance management, payroll, promotion and compensation chargers all from a single, unified Suite. It serves real-time HR analytics and the easy-to-use tool can connect HR data with other business information.

NetSuite SuitePeople Performance Management

Bring a new, revamped life to employee reviews with goal tracking and recognition tools.

NetSuite Incentive Compensation

This module creates commission and other incentive-based compensation plans, and it can manage complex and tiered setups. Account for quotas, quantities, service contracts and even profitability margins, and share this information with sales reps so they can easily understand their incentives and goals.

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